Rent Storage

Our innovative options allow us to be flexible to all your large storage needs. We provide all of the resources you need to keep your stored items safe, accessible, and out of the way until YOU need them.

3 Side/Open Front Unit (40 x 14)

Our 3 Side Coverage Unit offers concrete flooring with roof and side coverage.

$175 / month

Enclosed (40 x 14)

40 x 14 Enclosed Insulated Storage Unit with a 12 x14 Door

$250 / month

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Heated Flooring Enclosed Unit (40 x 14)

14 x 40 Enclosed Insulated Unit with Heated Flooring. 12x14 Door

$300 / month

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Trailer Open Parking (40 x 14)

Open parking for trailers

$50 / month

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